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Up-to Date Business Intelligence

CrowdsourceAfrica leverages our technology platform, in-house expertise and the largest, most skilled crowd on Earth to strengthen our partners' business intelligence in real-time. From de-duplication and subsequent augmentation of CRM databases for sales teams, to collection of private company data for leading enterprises in the financial sector, CrowdSourceAfrica is the market leader in on-demand online Workforce acquisition in Africa, catering to clients all over the world.

Rich Customer Intelligence

Stop relying on stale lists. Gather only up-to-date data that will enable your team to close deals, gain market insight and understand key players from the C-suite to social media.

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Quick and Cost-Effective

CrowdSourceAfrica's global workforce of 5-million strong with an annual growth of 60% all over Africa provides  your enterprise access to a scalable, customizable labor pool that is available 24/7/365 to  process data faster, cheaper and better than anybody else on the planet. Don't deal with the hassle of outsourcing. You'll only pay for the data  that's processed, not people's time.

Make your data more navigable.

Tap into the power of the crowd to organize your data. Whether you need a virtual back office or to tag images, distinguish parent from subsidiary companies or categorize business websites, CrowdSourceAfrica’s on-demand workforce of millions can do it efficiently and effectively.

No Limits

Products, businesses, videos, events - we've done it all. Let us develop the right  solution for your needs. You define the classification categories; we deliver the


We're experts at teaching your specific business rules to the crowd. And we use  thorough quality checking methods to ensure the best contributors are on the task.

Quick Data

With access to the world's largest labor pool, we can offer you fast turnaround times on large amounts of data. All without the hassle of outsourcing. And you'll only pay for the data  that's processed, not people's time.

Generate high-quality content at scale

Large volumes of nuanced, well-written copy are critical to a range of sales, marketing and product initiatives. CrowdSourceAfrica's Content Generation solution empowers enterprises to focus on the bottom line and leave short-form writing to the crowd.  From product descriptions for e-commerce companies, captions for stock images sites, questions and answers and article summaries, CrowdSourceAfrica's global workforce of skilled wordsmiths can pump out consistent, compelling, and relevant copy for a range of business applications.

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