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Who we are

Crowd source Africa brings together a pool of virtual online Human intelligence and Scalable work force all over Africa. We create a vast on demand pool of online workers that companies all over the world can tap into. We simply bring together international global online work from home opportunities to Africa’s skilled labor force.

We Brand Africa all over the world as a culture ready crowdsourcing destination. We also provide a platform for international clients all over the world to access a ready scalable and flexible standby workforce from all parts of Africa.

Crowd sourcing is related to, but not limited to, human-based computation, which refers to the ways in which humans and computers can work together to solve problems. These two methods can be used together to accomplish tasks.

Crowd sourcing is Fragmented and distributed problem solving process. From complex business processes to concepts and Data related problems that are broken down into microtasks distributed to a group of people online and completed efficiently by an on-demand scalable workforce.

We make a difference in many different ways:

Clients provide the work, which we Analyze and formulate a customized deployment plan, divide and distribute to our Scalable on demand work force.

The Micro-tasks are then handled by thousands of our online workers spread all over Africa, giving our clients the much needed redundancy and fast delivery. Our services are time sensitive and go through through vigorous quality and time sensitive processes to ensure excellent service.

Problem Solved by CrowdSource Africa

Crowdsource Africa is designed to address the lack of a secure, Trustworthy, scalable and reliable source of online jobs and structured trained scalable workforce for our global clients. We have a big pool of intellectual bandwidth in Africa, with an already existing freelance culture and affordable internet in most urban areas. Young people aged between 16 and 35 represent more than 60 per cent of the continent’s total population and account for 45 per cent of the total labor force. Unlike other developing regions, sub-Saharan Africa’s population is becoming more youthful, with youth as a proportion of the total population projected at over 75 per cent by 2015, due to the high fertility rate underlying the demographic momentum. It is expected that this increase in the number of young people according to the Africa Economic Outlook report 2012-2015 it will not decline before 20 years or more. In Kenya according to the World Bank, youth employment is currently at 17% and 21% employment rate in Africa as a whole. As Crowdsource Africa we not only see this as a gap but as a massive untapped opportunity to empower youth all over Africa with the necessary Crowdsourcing recourses that can grant them access to the multi $billion Crowdsourcing market.

The reality on the ground is that about 95% of the searched online jobs available on ordinary search engines are scams or potential scams and only 5% are legitimate, Out of 10 attempts only 1 may turn out to be legitimate, scammers always requesting for upfront payment or Credit card details that end up misused once they fall into the wrong hands. A recent report by the FBI http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2009/april/workathome_041709 the industry loses up to $12milion annually, That’s why CrowdsourceAfrica stepped in to protect users from such by providing access to legitimate clients that have been vetted by us and are looking to hire freelancers from Africa.

Work @ Home has come of age...

"Working from home is a rare grand slam, evolving trend in the contact center space, the transition from commute to telecommute benefits employers, employees, end user customers and the environment alike. Employers can turn their business models upside down and have a huge advantage when contact center agents work from home."

"The net benefits of homeshoring (CrowdSourcing) range from $10,000-$20,000 per agent/ year...all the key issues with homeshoring: voice/data connections, security, supervision, training and staff communications have been sufficiently resolved to remove them as barriers. There is now no reason not to move agents from bricks-and-mortar centers and office space back to working from home." Jezz CS-Africa CEO

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