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Crowdsourcing provides a ready scalable standby and flexible workforce on self driven demand. We welcome you to be a professional team player in this lucrative industry. Enjoy the freedom to invest quality time to clients all over the world and work at home comfortably.


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Join the work from home Proofreading Team

  • 26/05/2017
  • Join the work from home Proofreading Team
The application procedure involves taking a timed preliminary test. Flexible working schedules and competitive pay are the benefits of joining Proofreadingservices You also get to interact with great colleague who are also expert proofreaders. This is an award winning team of professional proofreaders and editors so you will be working with the best. You will get to build your experience as well by handling a number of projects. Part-time and full-time roles are available so you may choose which role to take up.

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Work at Home English Translators

  • 23/05/2017
  • Work at Home English Translators
The Crowdsourcer is looking for an experienced English translator for post-machine editing and copy editing tasks. Our human translation service offering was launched this summer and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing on the web. Our Translator Portal allows you to complete copy editing and translation tasks from a base of global clients. Compensation for this position correlates directly to the number of translation and copy editing jobs completed.

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Online Work from Home Remote Transcribers

  • 17/05/2017
  • Online Work from Home Remote Transcribers
Work at home as a transcriber with 24hour TAT's. This is flexible work, with minimums in place. You must have a computer running Windows 7, OS X, or higher. High speed internet is also a must. You must commit to at least 3 hours of audio per week, it should take you approximately 12 hours to transcribe 3 hours of audio. The pay is $40 per audio hour with potential for pay increases for consistently good, accurate work.

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Work at Home Native English Editors

  • 17/05/2017
  • Work at Home Native English Editors
Before you get started as an editor, we ask you to take a language quiz, complete a test assignment and take on a trial order! We assess your editing skills. We teach you about academic language. We provide you with constructive feedback. We do all this to make sure that you can ultimately help students in the best way possible. Language skills are one thing, but can you complete orders following our Lexicon style? Try to identify all problems and improve the text! In this step, we ask you to complete a short editing assignment and provide the author with both improvement tips and recommendations related to the text’s structure. You will receive feedback on your work to support your development as an editor – and hopefully, we’ll be able to add you to our online system :).

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Work at Home Math Tutors

  • 17/05/2017
  • Work at Home Math Tutors
Earn $20/hour working from home! Connect with students all over the world, 24 hours a day, Work when you want, for as long as you want. No commitments. No set up, materials, or travel costs as you telecommute and work from home.Get paid every Monday for the previous week’s work.

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