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Crowdsourcing provides a ready scalable standby and flexible workforce on self driven demand. We welcome you to be a professional team player in this lucrative industry. Enjoy the freedom to invest quality time to clients all over the world and work at home comfortably.


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Work from Home Call Center Lead Verification Agent

  • 27/09/2018
  • Work from Home Call Center Lead Verification Agent
Looking for a company where you can assist customers while comfortably working from home? Want to help families find senior care, assisted living facilities or assisted home care providers in finding employment opportunities? If you’re interested in being part of a small team dedicated to helping families, join us as a work from home care advisor. We want someone who’s passionate about providing outstanding customer service to join our team. We aspire to make great things possible for each other, our customers, and for you.

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Earn $250 Per week just watching Ads.. Passive Income Working from home

  • 19/09/2018
  • Earn $250 Per week just watching Ads.. Passive Income Working from home
Each time you watch a video you are granted points. When you get enough points, they can be redeemed for direct deposited into your PayPal account. Now there’s even an option to redeem for Bitcoin. These videos can be streamed continually without any work on your end. There is no check-in required to watch an upcoming trailer. Perk TV will automatically play the next video for you, meaning you will continue to earn points even if you aren’t near your phone.

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Earn $60/Day working on simple tasks, Surveys, Watching Videos ETC

  • 19/09/2018
  • Earn $60/Day working on simple tasks, Surveys, Watching Videos ETC
In short, These is a rewards site that pays you for completing various tasks such as watching videos, downloading apps, completing surveys, or signing-up for free trail offers. Each time you complete one of these tasks, The client receives a small commission and gives a portion of that to the user, Thats you. You also get to earn a 10% recurring income every month from all your referral's total income! for a life time.

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Customer Support Representative

  • 17/09/2018
  • Customer Support Representative
We're looking for an enthusiastic customer support representative to join our care team in a full-time work from home position, where you will: -Handle inbound customer support requests -Troubleshoot user issues and determine scope -Escalate critical issues as needed -Collect feedback from users about our product -Contribute to our knowledge base We encourage suggestions, ideas, innovation, and collaboration across teams. We’re avid collectors of information, and relay that info from our product team and engineers to our users and then back again. We like to think of ourselves as information archeologists, unearthing data and using it help our users find love, and our company get better. Another result of our lean team size is the ability to cross-train and learn a ton. You’ll have the opportunity to answer a huge variety of questions from both free and paid users, help write knowledge base articles, monitor and reply to app reviews and social media, compile bug reports, cross-train in billing and moderation, and more.

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Entry Level Simple tasks Work online from Home

  • 17/09/2018
  • Entry Level Simple tasks Work online from Home
Our team helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, ranking, beter ranking, backlinks and much more... We are combining Workers and Employers to our site to minimize publicity and marketing costs while at the same time providing money to everyday users. Also this way, you are sure that all jobs will be done and after you will have the ability to review there work.

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