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Opportunities For Pet Writers

  • 25/11/2018
  • Opportunities For Pet Writers
Red Cat Media is looking for talented writers to join our team. Articles are required for a range of pet related websites. Our articles are well researched and evidence based. Our writers are usually regular contributors to other sites, or have their own pet blog. Applicants must be able to: Identify and interpret credible high quality scientific sources. Present educational information in an entertaining and easy to read format Follow SEO guidelines which we provide along with the title and a brief for each article Produce 100% original and authentic long form content Please include the following information with your application A short description of yourself and your interest in scientific or animal based topics. No more than four sentences long. Links to two examples of your work as published online and in your name. Your rate in cents (USD) per word (applications with no rate or rates given in a different format will be disregarded)

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Looking for a long-term writer with experience in maintenance management, CMMS, IoT, and manufacturing

  • 25/11/2018
  • Looking for a long-term writer with experience in maintenance management, CMMS, IoT, and manufacturing
We are looking for a detail-oriented English writer that can help us cover topics related to CMMS and maintenance management. While some articles are pure overviews, we are looking for writers that can provide actionable insights and that is why we look for someone that has personal experience (be it that this is your job, e.g. you are an engineer or a facility/maintenance manager) or that you have written extensively on the areas we are going to list. The main areas that the articles are going to cover are: CMMS, maintenance strategies and maintenance management in general Predictive maintenance, IoT, Smart Industry Topics at the intersection of maintenance and manufacturing If you want to be considered for this position, please provide some examples of previous work in this field. We know that some writers have amazing research capabilities, but we just don’t have the resources to test everyone. We always try to provide detailed guidelines and we don’t mind working with our writers to ensure the content is helpful to its intended audience. Additionally, we are only working with real blogs so you can be sure that the content you produce will never be stuck on some irrelevant site that nobody reads. We require full rights to the content, though.

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Freelance Food Blogger

  • 25/11/2018
  • Freelance Food Blogger
We're on the lookout for a freelance writer who is interested in various topics, who is a foodie at heart, and wants to get their name out in the online publishing world. It's an exciting time to join our editorial team, as you will be involved in the initial launching of our website, all the while writing about fascinating topics you know and love!

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Online Brand Ambassador

  • 23/11/2018
  • Online Brand Ambassador
As a Brand Ambassador, you'll be selling our idea to strangers – that is, friends you haven't met yet! You'll have the opportunity to be creative in getting the word out about us. We'll provide you with all the background, messaging, and factoids you'll need, but your tactics for letting the world know about us and how to get the most out of our products are up to you. Don't be afraid to show your wild side; the most effective communications are often the most memorable! P.S. If you have a closet full of creative costumes that you're ready to bust out at a moment's notice, consider yourself a leg up on this gig!

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Online Product Analyst

  • 23/11/2018
  • Online Product Analyst
We are seeking a Product Analyst to join the Product Portfolio Management team. This team is responsible for guiding our product investment strategy, managing our data-driven approach to making product decisions, and ensuring our product investments are achieving sufficient ROI. The Product Analyst will support the Product Portfolio team and the broader Product Organization by providing in-depth analysis into existing product’s performance and future market opportunities. This is a critical role within our team. Spredfast + Lithium has a start-up mentality, will take smart risks, adapt & iterate quickly, and solve important problems. We are looking for someone who is passionate about using data to answer business questions. What you’ll be doing: Analyzing market opportunities and aligning with product plans Presenting new opportunities to the Product team and leadership Analyzing existing product’s performance based on financial and operational metrics

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