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Crowdsourcing provides a ready scalable standby and flexible workforce on self driven demand. We welcome you to be a professional team player in this lucrative industry. Enjoy the freedom to invest quality time to clients all over the world and work at home comfortably.


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Online Book Reviewer

  • 09/10/2018
  • Online Book Reviewer
Kirkus Media is looking for experienced book reviewers of English and Spanish-language titles to review for Kirkus Indie, the book review magazine's section dedicated to self-published authors. Reviews are in the same format and held to the same high standards as other sections of Kirkus Reviews. Reviews are about 350 words due two weeks after the book is assigned. Kirkus currently reviews nearly all genres for books of all lengths, in digital, hardcover and paperback format.

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Work from Home Media Relations Content Lead

  • 03/10/2018
  • Work from Home Media Relations Content Lead
Work from anywhere. “You will know the changing trends and relevant types of stories and content related to remote work, future of work, talent, employment, recruiting, and HR. You will proactively network to identify and map out who to develop strong relationships with .o quickly obtain content supporting stories, data, and anecdotes.We take the best elements of virtual teams and combine them with a support structure that encourages innovation, social interaction, and fun.We see no borders, move at a fast pace, and are never afraid to break the mold.

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Highly Recommended by CrowdsourceAfrica Get down to Work TODAY Virtual Pool of work Platform Open To Freelancers World Wid

  • 03/10/2018
  • Highly Recommended by CrowdsourceAfrica Get down to Work TODAY Virtual Pool of work Platform Open To Freelancers World Wid
One of the Top Rated online freelancer marketplace in the world connecting clients with freelancer workers directly from all over the globe. The platform is quick, safe, and you have the flexibility to submit single jobs or build up an ongoing working relationship with a freelancer. About The Platform

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magazine online journalist

  • 28/09/2018
  • magazine online journalist
If you're a talented reporter/editor — particularly one who knows online and social inside-out — looking for a company that encourages you to run your own show and make your own editorial decisions, keep reading. This is position is a pioneering opportunity for a skilled reporter/editor to design her/his own job, with support from our senior editorial team. You must be ambitious and capable of shifting gears at a moment's notice, and you must also be able to work with us to develop your own editorial strategy. And if you're brilliant with video and social, we need you. If you're enthusiastic about journalism, and if you're a visionary who has the ability to make things happen, this job is for you. Ideally, you've been a writer/editor for a couple of years but know you can be better if you're given a chance to do things the right way without being micro-managed. You'll receive that chance with us. Preferably you already live in and love Dallas, you want to make a difference, you enjoy working with people, and you're eager to work in an easy-going, let's-do-this environment. And ideally, you have a journalism degree and several years of reporting experience with a daily/weekly/monthly publication. Interested?

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Work from Home Call Center Lead Verification Agent

  • 27/09/2018
  • Work from Home Call Center Lead Verification Agent
Looking for a company where you can assist customers while comfortably working from home? Want to help families find senior care, assisted living facilities or assisted home care providers in finding employment opportunities? If you’re interested in being part of a small team dedicated to helping families, join us as a work from home care advisor. We want someone who’s passionate about providing outstanding customer service to join our team. We aspire to make great things possible for each other, our customers, and for you.

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